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The Actor Who Plays Hot Pie On GOT Is A Baker In Real Life

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We know we couldn’t have been the only who squealed with excitement when Arya’s old pal Hot Pie made an surprise appearance in this week’s Game of Thrones episode. After being MIA for a couple of seasons, we finally got a chance to check back in with the good-natured orphan who's completely obsessed with baking. During his less than three-minute cameo, Hot Pie of course managed to slip in an unsolicited explanation on how he gets his pies to taste so good. After the two were reunited, he told Arya, "the secret is browning the butter before making the dough." So it's clear the character of Hot Pie is still as talented at baking as ever, but what we didn't know is that apparently the actor who plays him isn't so bad in the kitchen either.
Actor Ben Hawkey, who has portrayed Hot Pie since he first appeared in season one, recently started up a baking business which he has cleverly named You Know Nothing John Dough. According to PopSugar, Hawkey is selling his Game Of Thrones-inspired treats in London through Deliveroo. The menu on You Know Nothing John Dough's Deliveroo page currently shows just one item, which, at the moment, is sold out. The item is Direwolf Loaves, which you can catch a glimpse of below.
Fans will remember when sweet Hot Pie first made Arya bread in the shape of the Stark mascot way back in season three. At the time, Arya pointed out that the Direwolf's shape was a bit rough, saying specifically that the tail looked like a head. Well, we have to say, Hawkey's real life Direwolf Loaves look very impressive and much more like Hot Pie's improved creation from season four.

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According to Deliveroo, the loaves are made from wholewheat cornbread with orange zest. And, although it doesn't specify, we really hope Hawkey uses Hot Pie's browned butter hack to make his the loaves because duh, everything is better with browned butter.
Interestingly, Ben Hawkey recently told Entertainment Weekly that he barely ever gets recognized for his Game of Thrones role anymore, but the fact that his loaves have already sold out has us wondering if that's actually true. Perhaps his bread business is thriving simply because people are always looking for new ways to connect with the Game of Thrones universe. Direwolf-shape bread hat you can have delivered to your door sounds like a pretty good option.
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