10 Questions We Have About Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's Presence In This Photo

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can hear wedding bells! Just not their own. Both women were bridesmaids this weekend and it left us with a few burning questions.
To start, whose wedding was this? According to Instagram, the bride is Cassie Coane, creative director at Gomelsky and a former DJ. I wonder if she spun at her own wedding.
What is this over-the-top bridesmaids theme? Based on information gathered from another telling Insta post, the bride said to wear floral, so they all delivered. Honestly, I'm a fan of this flowery chaos — if anyone can pull it off, it's this gorgeous group of girls.
Why is Mary-Kate so far off to the side? In some photos, she's closer to bride, but in others she's all the way at the top of the stairs. I have a feeling it might be because when you put the twins together, you're automatically like "Oh, Olsen twins" and that might be distracting. Or is it that Ashley is better friends with the bride and when you order an Olsen it's a package deal? When Mary-Kate is at the top she looks so lonely. I just want to be her friend and ask her where she got that headpiece. (Where did she get that headpiece?)

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Which brings us to: what does Ashley's full dress look like? And why can I barely see her body? In all the photos on Instagram, we can only see a sliver of shoulder — it's not enough. And, who taught Ashley Olsen how to smize? She is selling me "Always a bridesmaid" beauty and I am buying. Also, she manages to look amazing even without the rest of her body. That's natural-born talent.
And a final question: how do I get the Olsen twins to be in my wedding? I'm not engaged, but a girl can dream, right?
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