Ciara Attracts Mommy Shamers For Sliding Down The Great Wall With Her 3-Month-Old

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage.
Mommy shamers have set up camp in Ciara's Instagram comments. The singer recently gave birth to her first child with Seahawks player Russell Wilson. Now, she and her family are having the coolest vacation in China.
Leave it to the mom shamers to put a damper on the fun.
The mother of two posted a video on her Instagram page of her tobogganing down the Great Wall of China. Hubby Wilson is right behind her with his step-son, Future, while three-month-old Sienna sits in a baby carrier with mom. The video shows lots of twists and turns, but nothing too extreme. All the while, Ciara is holding onto her baby. Still, many people took it upon themselves to police her parenting.
The comments are mainly rude, like this one saying "Taking a baby on a Tobagon [sp]? Get a grip lady!" She does have a grip. It's on her baby!
Other comments, like the following, are a little paranoid: "Too dangerous for the kids. One wrong move -and everyone goes over."
And then it goes back to downright rude.
"So irresponsible with an infant," one commenter wrote. "Dumb celebrities."
This person, who was more concerned about Wilson getting injured than the children, is a breath of fresh air amid mean reactions. They wrote "Russell don't get hurt before the season starts please."
Wandering among the turmoil there are many people who are quick to defend Ciara's decision.
"@Ciara is an amazing mother and I am sure just like you, she would never do anything to harm her kids. Or not research anything before doing it."
"They are fine and I don't think they would have been allowed on the rides with the kids if it was not safe. I don't see any problem here just a happy family living a happy and fun life."
We couldn't agree more!
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