Nicolette Mason & Gabi Gregg Just Made The Best Plus-Size Line Yet

The plus-size market is in for a shock, because the fashion line we’ve been dreaming about is now a reality. On Tuesday, Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg (two of the most influential names in this space) will introduce Premme — a clothing line for sizes 12 to 30, priced from $30 to $89 — to the world. And honestly, isn’t it about time?
“We’re consumers first and foremost,” Gregg told Refinery29 of starting the company with her friend of 10 years. “We’ve always loved fashion — we’ve been fashion girls for a very long time, and we’re frustrated with the fact that designers aren’t making our size. The brands that are making our size are [making products that are] diluted and watered down. We didn’t want that for our brand. We didn’t want to compromise style.”
Designed to be a statement collection, Mason and Gregg ensured that each piece of the daywear heavy offering — from an off-the-shoulder top to a front-button denim dress — packs a punch.
“Even our basics aren’t basic,” Gregg said. To illustrate her point, the selection includes items like a shorts sweatsuit — their version of athleisure — adorned in pearls. “You never want to always have to put an outfit together, but you have to go outside and you want to look good, so this is our answer to wanting to be comfy and be cute,” Mason added.
Their hope is that the line will push boundaries in the plus-size space, proving to retailers that it is possible — and better yet, profitable — to be inclusive.
“We’re feminists, and what we really believe is is making clothing accessible to as many people as we can,” Mason said. “So we were so excited to be able to produce a bigger size range than most brands.”
“We’re trying to change things up. Not only in terms of design but in our messaging and in every element of what we’re doing,” Gregg noted, affirming the brand's commitment to its customer (prior to launching, the two polled their Twitter followers about everything from style to pricing, to ensure that the products they were launching were exactly what women were looking for). “We’re just trying to be the stand-out brand that’s really listening to the community.”
And they really are. First, Mason and Gregg hired a vertical production company to handle everything, rather than outsourcing. The two also oversaw the site's design and copy, and cast models who are actually plus-sized (Premme will be using models sizes 16, 20, 24, and 26 in its product shots).
“There is this insistence from retailers that like when they’ve used bigger models that the clothes don’t sell,” Mason said. “We know that’s not true, because one of the biggest conversations among plus-sized women is ‘I don’t even know what this is going to look like on a body like mine.’" Gregg added: “A lot of women just feel like, as plus-size women, we’re the afterthought. We’re thrown in the back of a store or a brown box and not given the thought that we would like, so we want to change all of that and from top to bottom.”
Ahead, get a sneak peek at Premme ahead of its launch on Tuesday.

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