The Best Supernatural Shows You Can Watch Right Now

Decades ago, The Twilight Zone introduced the American populace to another dimension — not one of sight and sound, but of mind. With each hour of science fiction-inspired TV, The Twilight Zone stretched the limits of our imagination. Luckily for us, shows have been inspired by the supernatural ever since.
Today’s TV landscape is, if anything, oversaturated with all things fantastical. In July 2017 alone, two new supernatural shows are premiering, each with their own take on familiar tropes. The quirky, gifted characters of NBC's Midnight, Texas live in a Southern town that straddles the fault line between Hell and earth, and are attuned to the universe's possibilities. ABC's Somewhere Between explores the limits of time travel after a mother sees her daughter's death before it happens, and tries to intervene.
From demagorgons to ancient gods romping around New York, these shows envision a reality that’s like ours — but way more magical. We’ll portend your Netflix and Hulu queues with these completely streamable shows, each taking place on the fringes of possibility.
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