What's The Deal With That Dwayne Johnson & Apple "Movie"?

Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson now employed by Apple? Is Apple really making action movies now? Did Siri get cast in a summer blockbuster?
These are all odd, albeit somewhat legitimate, questions. Yesterday, Johnson tweeted a movie poster for what looks like a new big-budget flick, "The Rock X Siri: Dominate The Day."
No, this is not a real movie. The reveal today is that the "movie" is essentially one big commercial for Apple, specifically Siri β€” the personal assistant that the company is hoping will surpass its Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant rivals. Siri is the function and voice powering HomePod, Apple's high-end smart speaker that will go on sale later this year.
Still, you've got to give it to Apple β€” the ad is clever and, as is usually the case with over-the-top, but lovable Johnson, it's very entertaining. The three-and-a-half minute "film" follows The Rock over the course of one jam-packed day, throughout which Siri answers his questions and keeps him on track. One second he's calling a Lyft (and driving it to the runway himself), the next he's painting the Sistine Chapel before jetting off to outer space. The best interaction between the two characters comes towards the end, when the sometimes sassy Siri does some subtle ego stroking, referring to The Rock as "Mr. big, bald, and beautiful."
As ridiculous as the faux movie is, the premise of an action movie with the two isn't totally out of left field. Apple, like Facebook and Snapchat, has recently dove headfirst into the entertainment industry this year, launching its own original series, Planet of the Apps, along with a series based on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke coming out later this year.
On social media, disappointment surrounding the reveal that the "movie" is actually an ad centers less on the fact that it isn't a real movie, and more on the fact that The Rock isn't becoming the new voice of Siri. Perhaps someday, that mighty voice will answer all your questions. In the meantime, The Rock does have his own motivational app to keep you on track.

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