Prince William And Kate Middleton Asked A GOT Actor For Spoilers

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By this point, finding out celebrities are just like us is kinda boring; finding out that actual British royalty act just like us civilians is so much cooler. While visiting Germany, Prince William and Kate Middleton outed themselves as complete geeks by asking former Game of Thrones actor, Tom Wlaschiha, for spoilers.
Admittedly, GOT has been on hiatus for, like, a year. People were getting antsy. The fan theories were getting even more wild. It's no wonder the royal couple were in desperate need for more info. One episode isn't enough.
While in Germany, they met with Tom Wlaschiha, who played Jaqen H'ghar in the HBO series. The actor had nothing but fond words for them and mentioned that they were huge fans of the show.
"They wanted spoilers, but I said I couldn't tell them," Wlaschiha revealed. "I'm surprised they have time to watch such a long-running series."
In-between wrangling their two adorable kids, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, and their duties as royalty, the future king and queen have to unwind somehow. Why not watch the popular drama?
We found out that the pair loves Game of Thrones back in April when Prince William noted that they love to wear "comfy clothes" and eat curry while watching. That sounds exactly like my Sunday nights.
One (of probably many) downsides to being king and queen for these two would be that they could never sit on the iron throne. When Queen Elizabeth toured the GOT set in 2015, she couldn't take a selfie in the iconic seat due to an old law. The reigning monarch of Great Britain can't sit on a foreign throne. Prince William and Middleton better hurry up and go before their time is up.
As for spoilers, I guess they will have to wait until the show airs just like the rest of us.
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