Here's The Most Hated Thing In Each Of The 50 States

Photographed by Ruby Yeh.
They say opposites attract — so maybe haters attract each other, too. That’s what the dating app Hater is betting on, anyways. The app, which launched in February, asks users what they detest. It covers everything, from types of food to activities to notable politicians. Then, instead of a love connection, the app tries to create, well, one of mutual hate.
After months of connecting people based on what they despise, Hater released a map of the most hated things in each state based on their user data. As it turns out, people hate a lot of weird things.
Image: Courtesy of Hater.
Some states' most hated things are understandable. Montana singles hate going to the gym, and we're right there with them. California has a point; fidget spinners have reached peak annoying. And, of course, Illinois is right to despise the people who bite cheese sticks. We all know you’re supposed to peel them like a delicious, cheesy banana!
Image: Courtesy of Hater.
Yet there are parts of the country that hate some pretty awesome things. What’s wrong with a little friendly reminder email, Nebraska? Alabama Hater users really have it out for vegetarians, which doesn't sound super fair. But the most confounding state is Nevada. Feminism? Really? We should talk.
Hater found some pretty quirky pet peeves, too. We’re not sure why Tennessee users know enough about foraged food to hate it, and we’re not really sure we want to know. Edward Snowden may be a controversial figure, but South Carolinians really have it out for the guy. Finally, for people who are using a dating app, a surprising amount of D.C. residents don’t believe in finding a soul mate.
Image: Courtesy of Hater.
This map proves that wherever you are in the United States, you can probably find someone to share in your hate. You never know, that hate could actually, possibly, turn into love. Stranger things have happened, like Marylanders who hate cheap coffee.

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