Euron's Promise To Cersei Could Mean This Character Is Coming Back To Game Of Thrones

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
While we were all busy noticing the transformation of Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) — specifically, his unprecedented glow-up — we totally missed the words coming out of his mouth. Turns out, they were hiding a clue to what might be a huge game-changer in the series. The internet is speculating that his promise to bring a "gift" to Cersei (Lena Headey) means the return of a long lost character: Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon played by Joe Dempsie.
"In my experience, the truest way to woman's heart is with a gift," Euron tells Cersei in Sunday night's episode. "I won't return to King's Landing until I have that for you."
It's true that this quote could refer to many things. Perhaps he means Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Cersei's traitor younger brother, or an army she can use to hold her claim to the throne, or maybe he simply means a nice candle or fruit basket. However, Gendry would make the most sense, not just because he's the only person who you could argue has a more legitimate claim to the throne than Cersei, but also because HelloGiggles reports that Joe Dempsie was spotted in Belfast where the show films. He also showed up to the world premiere in L.A., which he hasn't done since season 3.
As far as we know, Gendry is still rowing, rowing, rowing away from Dragonstone after being rescued by Ser Davos. Cersei would love to have her hands on him just so she can kill him and ensure that there's no one else alive who could topple her from her throne.
However, there is one snag in the theory: Not many people know Gendry is the son of Robert, and it's unclear how Euron would have found this out. That being said, he has been in exile doing who knows what, so it's possible he picked up a few secrets along the way. Just add this mystery to the long list of reasons we'll be tuning in to the show next week.

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