Does Harry Styles Have A Future In Comedy?

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Harry Styles just beat Chelsea Handler at her own game.
In an interview for Handler's Netflix talk show, Chelsea, the comedian talked to the Dunkirk star about the new movie and his boy band past. The catch? Styles could only give Handler one-word answers to her rapid-fire queries.
Styles only being allowed to say one word for each question puts the burden of comedy on Handler — but it's the singer who really shined in the clip. The former One Directioner didn't try to cheat the rules or evade any questions. He just came up with hilarious answers, with impressively fast timing.
Styles didn't even break a sweat when Handler asked him if he'd heard the rumor that he has four nipples. The host was probably expecting a simple "yes" or "no" for that one — but instead, Styles' response was "correct." Yep, he validated the rumor — apparently, he has a lower set of nipples in addition to the standard ones.
The most interesting tidbit, though, came when Handler asked Styles whether he thinks he's best at singing, acting, or dancing. Most of us would probably expect the artist to say singing, considering it's what made him famous — but he actually said dancing. Oh, and the one "product" he's using for his hair is "vegetables."
The singer/actor knew when to stay silent, too. When Handler asked him if he was "sexually attracted" to her — apparently, it's not sexual harassment if it's during a taped interview? — Styles grinned politely before offering an awkward "sure."
The full Chelsea episode hits Netflix on Friday. Between this and Styles' surprisingly great performances during his residency on The Late Late Show, comedy could definitely be the multi-hyphenate's next career move, if he decided to go that route.
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