Daniel Radcliffe Helped A Man Who Was Mugged & Slashed In The Face

Photo: Francois G. Durand/Getty Images.
Daniel Radcliffe isn't just an incredibly talented actor — he's also a hero.
According to a witness, the Harry Potter star, along with a group of other people, helped a man who'd been robbed and had his face slashed in London on Friday night.
The mugging victim was apparently a tourist in his 50s. The two thieves took his bag and got away on a moped, according to BBC News.
"He was walking on the street and witnessed it too," the witness, crime novelist David Videcette, told BBC News of Radcliffe. "A lot of people. especially in his position, wouldn't have stepped in to help, so fair play to him."
Videcette also told the news outlet he'd suspected the two motorists were up to foul play before the attack.
"I was driving through Chelsea and noticed a motorcycle with no number plates on it," he told BBC News. "It was cruising down the road, and they didn't look like they were traveling to go somewhere — they were looking around at people on the road."
The unlucky victim was apparently a tourist with a Louis Vuitton bag, which the thieves took after cutting him in the face.
Videcette, a former police detective, explained to BBC News that he tried to follow the moped but was unsuccessful. He later returned to the scene and saw Radcliffe comforting the tourist.
As The Evening Standard reported, the witness also got to meet Radcliffe himself.
"It was a bit of the surreal moment, I said, 'You're Daniel Radcliffe,' and he replied, 'I am,'" Videcette told The Evening Standard. "He was a really nice bloke, a lot of stars wouldn't have stopped to help."
The thieves weren't arrested, but at least Radcliffe and the others were able to help the man. Maybe the actor's next role should be as a police detective?
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