Watch Gordon Ramsay Eat The One Thing He Truly Hates

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There are few things that leave people more divided than the "pineapple pizza or no pineapple pizza" debate. No matter which side you take in the debate yourself, there's no doubt that people feel strongly about the foods that they love without question or hate despite all efforts to convince them otherwise.
Firmly in the camp of "absolutely not" as far as pineapple pizza is concerned is celebrity chef and internet favorite Gordon Ramsay. But just because he has good taste in food doesn't mean he's completely heartless. The celebrity chef vowed to "eat the monstrosity" if fans donated enough money to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity. Ramsay's hate for the food is nothing new, so you know he was super serious about this charity if he was willing to eat the food he despies most in the world. It's hard not to support that!
Ramsay announced this challenge to his fans on his Instagram page, stating that each donation also enters the giver to potentially win a spot at the "VVIP" table of his show, The F Word.
When Ramsay took to Facebook to see if this goal was met, he was met with dismay as his worst nightmare has come true: his fans had raised enough money to reach the goal.
Despite his reluctance, Ramsay stayed true to his word and ate a small slice of the dreaded pizza. Afterward, he quickly rinsed his mouth out with mouthwash after only two bites. Technically, he fulfilled the promise, although we were hoping to see him eat a little more.
Whether you're a fan of pineapple pizza or can't stand it, you have to admit that eating it for charity is a pretty cool thing to do. Bravo to Gordon Ramsay, and hopefully the taste doesn't linger for too long.

Gordon Ramsay is eating a pineapple pizza LIVE on Facebook. 🍕 🍍

Posted by The F Word on Wednesday, 12 July 2017
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