Prince Harry Met Harry Styles & The Internet Died

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Thursday, July 13, was a beautiful day for humankind, one marked by a rarely seen natural phenomenon: the meeting of two of the world's most famous and beloved young Brits who happen to be named Harry. We're talking, but of course, about the Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales and Harry Edward Styles, i.e. Harry & Harry.
The pair had a glorious red carpet run-in at Thursday's world premiere of the new WWII drama Dunkirk in London. Styles was in attendance because the Christopher Nolan film marks the singer's big screen debut. And Prince Harry, a British Army vet who served for 10 years and did two tours in Afghanistan, was there honoring a few very special members in the audience, a group of veterans. Harry congratulated Styles and his co-stars, including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, saying, "It's a story that needed to be told," People reports.
What else the two Harrys spoke about while shaking hands is anybody's guess. The suffocating pressure of being a sex icon? Those millions of pesky stans? Whose hands are softer? How great the name "Harry" is? Who knows.
Now, true fans of either bloke will know that this pair of Harrys actually met once before, back in November 2015 at the annual Royal Variety Performance in London. Prince Harry asked Styles, jokingly, "When was the last time you had a hair cut?" as People reported at the time. "I’m not planning on it right now," Styles answered. We can only assume that this week, they picked up this stimulating hair convo right where they left it.
The Twitter reactions to Thursday's reunion are, of course, pure gold: "Harry Styles and Prince Harry, so iconic, so unreal, so beautiful"; "Prince Harry with Harry Styles or should I say Harry Edward Styles with Prince Harry! OMG OMG OMG!"; "PRINCE HARRY AND HARRY STYLES ARE OFFICIALLY IN THE SAME PLACE THIS IS NOT A DRILL; "You can really tell how excited Harry was to meet Prince Harry why is this so cute."
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