McDonald's Attempts To Bring Insta-Worthy Drinks To The U.S. With The McFizz

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When I was a kid, there was nothing more refreshing in the summer than a Blue Hawaii-flavored Italian ice from my local Long Island Ralph's. I wish I could explain the flavor to people who have never indulged in the sugary treat, but the closest flavor profile I can really give is that the ice tasted...well, like the color blue. And blue, apparently, tastes super, super sweet.
Now, according to PopSugar, McDonald's is bringing a Blue Hawaii drink to the masses — but you might be surprised as to what's actually in the drink.
Like many great McDonald's treats — including their new Pikachu McFlurry, which is basically bananas and chocolate flavorings swirled together in vanilla ice cream — the new beverage will only be available in Japan. Fortunately, Japan is lovely this time of year, which means it's a perfect excuse to pack a bag in pursuit of the Blue Hawaii McFizz, a drink inspired by the island-favorite cocktail. The official photo even shows that it can be enjoyed with a dollop of ice cream on top, which, umm...yum?
So what's in this thing, other than a bucket of blue coloring? Honestly, not that much. While the Blue Hawaii cocktail usually gets its flavor from blue curaçao (lord knows what they put in my favorite Ralph's Italian Ices flavor) McDonald's new McFizz is pretty much a heaping of blue-colored syrup and some regular ol' Sprite. However, there is a third, surprising ingredient on the list: apple juice, which apparently gives the drink an extra kick of sweetness. Hey, the more you know, right?
Like Starbucks' Unicorn Frappucino before it, this McFizz is definitely an Instagrammable beverage — even if it's secretly mostly Sprite. It's here for a limited-time, so if you find yourself thirsty in Japan, why not swing by Mickey D's for a drink almost guaranteed to stain your tongue?

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