McDonald's Is Putting This Popular McFlurry Flavor Back On Its Menu

Have you ever looked at the McDonald’s McFlurry menu and noticed a glaring omission? There are flavors for everyone from candy lovers to cookie fiends, but it does seem to leave one key group out. Where in the world is the caramel? Caramel is such an obvious and adored addition to ice cream, so it’s pretty surprising that it’s not offered anywhere on the menu. We’re not the only ones who think so. You may remember that in 2011, McDonald’s introduced a Rolo McFlurry, but it was only around for a limited time. When it was discontinued shortly after its debut, people had a lot of feelings about it. All these years later, devoted fans are still tweeting their outrage or begging the chain to bring the treat back on a pretty regular basis. One person even started a petition to get the dessert back. All those devastated and angry customers finally got their wish granted. The Rolo McFlurry is coming back to McDonalds.
According to a press release, the McFlurry will feature McDonald's classic soft serve and bits of Rolo. The machine that mixes the treat crushes up the Rolos a bit so that caramel is swirled throughout the soft serve. It's this crushed up mixture that caused all the hubbub following its disappearance last time, and why whoever started that campaign called the flavor "unmatched."
Twitter users are already speaking out about how grateful they are to the fast food chain for bring back the Rolo McFlurry, but we think they ought to know that just like in 2011, it's not going to be a permanent menu item. It's only coming back for the summer. Starting May 24, fans can order one, but the elusive treat will disappear again on September 11. We're sure everyone will be hurt all over again when it's removed from menus for the second time, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that if they bother McDonald's enough with floods of tweets and official petitions, it might return again in another six years.

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