McDonald's New Pokémon-Themed McFlurries Sound…Not Super Appetizing

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There's pretty much nothing more satisfying on a hot day than a perfectly swirled McFlurry. Unfortunately, some of the flavors that McDonald's has proposed for its new Pokémon promotion might make us pass on the ice cream treat entirely.
As reported by SoraNews24, McDonald's Japan is teaming up with upcoming film Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!, premiering on July 15, to create Pokémon-themed McFlurries, one of which will have a temporary place on the Mickey D's menu.
However, you better make sure the world votes well for its most-wanted ice cream treat, because there's a chance that McDonald's Japan could be dishing out – get this – broccoli-flavored McFlurries.
Here's how the whole thing works: The Japan branches of the fast-food franchise will serve up one of six new Pokémon McFlurries on July 14 to prep for the new movie. While I would happily nosh on some of the proposed flavors, others sound like things I, personally, would have to be forced to eat — but perhaps that's because I'm just not a big fan of mixing my greens with my desserts.
I'm specifically speaking of the Bulbasaur flavor, which is broccoli-inspired, though I'm also not a fan of Charmander's habanero pepper flavor, or Gengar's purple potato concoction.
As for the desserts I would happily try, Squirtle's Ramune soda flavor doesn't sound too terrible (if a little confusing). I would be eager to taste Jigglypuff's white peach flavor as well — though the thing I'm really excited about is Pikachu's offering: Pikachu's McFlurry mixes banana and chocolate for a Chunky Monkey-like dessert that just so happens to be the same color as Ash's BFF.
Of course, there is one issue with the Pikachu flavor...
"Would you eat a #Pokemon McFlurry that looks like Pikachu's swirled corpse?," wrote one Twitter skeptic, who will likely be voting for Jigglypuff's McFlurry.
There's still time to stop Japan from releasing broccoli ice cream onto the world, if you're so inclined. (No judgements if you're a veggie lover who's craving this flavor.)
Follow the official McDonald’s Japan account on Twitter and then click on the Pokémon of your choice from the official campaign website. That will lead you to the tweet for the character/McFlurry you’ve selected. You need to retweet that in order to vote for your fave, and also score a discount coupon so you can enjoy the McFlurry when it hits the fast food joint — assuming you're in Japan at the time, of course.
Maybe I need to expand my palate, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the banana-chocolate offering reigns supreme. Come on — who doesn't love Pikachu?

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