This Is The Best Harry Potter Proposal Story, Possibly Ever

Over the years, we've swooned over Harry Potter-themed weddings. People around the world have mastered a way to create the most magical celebrations by scouting out dreamy castles and making sure every wedding detail is perfect — we're talking Marauder's map invites, dessert tables that would make the sweets cart lady blush, a wand tunnel, and incredibly designed cakes.
But one man has truly gone above and beyond to make his Harry Potter proposal a literal dream come true.
According to The Huffington Post, Uriel Palma was on a mission to find a proposal as sweet as his girlfriend, Treshel Hall, who really loves the enchanted wizarding world. Since Palma was deployed in Egypt in the U.S. Army at the time, he knew he'd have to resort to some old-fashioned muggle magic (a.k.a., an online search) to accomplish his mission.
The infantryman told The Huffington Post that he started checking out different ideas (like flash mobs) before he found a golden snitch engagement ring box on Bored Panda that he knew would make his sweetie's heart flutter. He decided to contact the designer, New Zealand jeweler Asher Freeman, and the two of them started talking about how to best customize the gorgeous set.
"It was his idea to be able to lock the snitch with a mini Nimbus 2000 broomstick charm," Palma told The Huffington Post. "The guy is smart."
A custom Nimbus lock, y'all. One-thousand points to whichever house Palma is in (let's be real, he's probably a Gryffindor) because Holy Hagrid, this ring is epic.
Take a look at the video Freeman posted of the ring/necklace below.
So, how did he end up popping the question?
Palma told The Huffington Post that he and Hall went on a trip to Japan, where he gave her he locked snitch. A week later, he took the lucky lady to a nice restaurant in Tokyo and gave her the Nimbus charm, which allowed her to open the snitch and find the ring. By the grace of McGonagall, she said yes.
"Her smile will be engraved in my memories forever," he told The Huffington Post.
Now, please excuse us as we sob like Moaning Myrtle.

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