Step Aside, Will Smith: Jada's Got The Proof That Jaden Looks More Like His Mom

"Aw, the baby looks so much like her father!" "I can't believe he has your gorgeous eyelashes." "Wow, she is totally your mini-me."
People love to comment on the similarities between parents and their children, and we totally get why. It's fun to look at a cute photo of Drew Barrymore's daughter and realize she looks almost identical to her mother in E.T. And every time Reese Witherspoon steps out into the spotlight with her daughter, Ava Phillippe, we're forced to do a double-take.
What can we say? Sometimes looking at an adorable side-by-side photo of mother and child is a lot more fun than reading up on the latest White House drama (though following Donald Trump Jr.'s email fiasco is interesting, too).
As if she knew we needed a break, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a hilarious photo comparing her son Jaden to herself from her days as Lena James on A Different World.
"The moment you realize your son doesn't only look like his father," Pinkett Smith tweeted with a smiley-face emoticon.
It's true that Jaden, who recently moved out of his parents' home, tends to remind us more of his father, Will. The two share the same face and eye shapes. But this photo is proof that the actor/rapper/model is definitely his mother's son, from the hairdo to the facial expression to the bright red outerwear.
The elder Smith kid just celebrated his 19th birthday over the weekend, and his parents couldn't help but post some truly adorable flashback photos online.
"Jaden, you've always had style," Pinkett Smith tweeted along with a cute photo of Jaden in a flower onesie. "Happy 19th my treasure. I love you."
Will took his sentiments to Facebook where he posted a photo of a baby Jaden sitting on his lap with the caption: "Happy Birthday, Jaden. 19 today! I'ma have to sit on your lap from here on out."

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