Tony From 13 Reasons Why Didn't Actually Know How To Drive

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Whether or not you believe the "Tony is an angel" theory, the 13 Reasons Why character is a pretty decent dude. He helps Clay (Dylan Minnette) deal with the death by suicide of his crush Hannah (Katherine Langford) and ultimately does the right thing by turning Hannah's 13 tapes over to her parents. However, one thing that actor Christian Navarro admitted he was not before landing the role on the hit Netflix series? A decent — or even licensed — driver.
Yep, the guy who spent oodles of his time making sure his '50s-style convertible ran just so didn't actually know how to drive a car — at least, not until he scored the coveted role on the Selena Gomez-produced series. In an interview with PopSugar, the actor — who just released a snippet of song he wrote from Tony's perspective to his Instagram — said that he wasn't particularly skilled in the driving department when he first arrived on set.
"I landed, they took me to a driving lesson, and I said, 'You guys made a mistake here,'" joked the Netflix star. "But they were very generous and they really wanted me for the role. They got me driving lessons and my license, and now I'm a licensed California driver, much to my dad's horror!"
It's definitely a good thing that Navarro decided not to live a life of Ubers and buses for the rest of his days. It's hard to imagine a version of 13 Reasons Why in which Tony wasn't constantly tailing Clay in his car, or blasting '80s tunes from his speakers.
Navarro is likely driving all over the Bay Area now that season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is in production. The actor tweeted his excitement on June 12, writing:
"Day One. S2. Ready to make some magic."
He even included a car emoji — how fitting.
Personally, we can't wait for Tony to get back on the road...whenever that may be.

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