Cue The Scrutiny: The Westworld Website Has A Few Important Updates

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO.
The fans are hungering for information about the (still very far-off) season 2 of Westworld, which means that any scrap of information is a veritable feast. The latest info crumb to come into the hands of the internet, as per TV Guide, is an update to the show's website, a looping video that seems to display someone trying to contact the "outside world" for help.
"Is anybody out there?" the "unknown user" asks into the digital void. "Something's gone wrong. We need help."
Then, there's a system override and a "registered" user insists that "all is well" and "celebrations continue." (See it in full, below.)
Reddit users, the ultimate theorizers, believe this to mean that Westworld has lost connection with the outside world. The video suggests that, after the explosive season finale, various guests and board members are trapped inside the park — with a bunch of anarchist robots. Westworld ended with a robot takeover, seemingly sanctioned by Anthony Hopkins' Dr. Robert Ford. The "hosts," as they're called, blasted their way through a donor gala, determined to be autonomous. And in season two, it would seem, the captives are fighting back.
There are theories within the theories, of course, mainly about who is doing the messaging. It's possible that a group of visitors banded together to try to get help. But it's also possible — as Reddit points out — that head of security Stubbs is the one doing the work. Or, Elsie Hughes, the engineer who disappeared mid-season, could also be asking "is anybody out there?"
Regardless, we won't know for a good long while. We've known since the conclusion of the first season that season 2 wouldn't be around until 2018. And we don't even know when in 2018 we should expect season two — based on reports, it seems the showrunners are still casting season 2 right now. Sigh. It's entirely possibly that we'll have to wait for well over a year before discovering what's happening inside Westworld.
Still, we'll keep watching that website. Just, you know, in case they post more spoilers.
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