An iMessage Glitch May Have Found This Girl Her New BFF

A girl named Cassidy believed she was texting her mom when, despite her phone saying she was in a conversation with "Momma," the recipient told her she had the wrong number, Mashable reports. After she explained that her mom answers when she calls that number, things escalated real fast.
"I don't know what is going on with y'all phone but y'all starting to piss me off," the mysterious person on the other end responded. "I said wrong number. Don't text my phone no more. Game over bitch." Given this harsh text — and the fact that Cassidy shot back with "obviously there's something wrong with your number, too, bitch, because you have the exact same number as my mom" — we did not expect what happened next.
When Cassidy sent this mysterious person a photo of her arm with red spots on it, she suddenly became nice. "I keep telling you that you have the wrong number," she wrote — but then she added, "What happened to your arm?" She then speculated that it was an allergic reaction.
Cassidy seemed just as surprised as we were to find this person suddenly caring about her. "This isn't my mom correct?" she asked. "Right, I thought we was friends. I'm concerned about your arm," the reply read.
"I thought it was hilarious because she's a complete stranger to me and went from being super mad at me to being very concerned," Cassidy told Mashable.
Finally, they introduced themselves, and the mystery person with Cassidy's mom's number was revealed to be named Keri. When Cassidy apologized, Keri replied, "It's OK girl lol, you cool."
Keri even turned out to be right about the allergic reaction.
Let's hope that if Cassidy gets this glitch figured out, she takes down Keri's real number first, because this friendship is way too good to die just because her iMessage is working properly.

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