Kelly Clarkson Clapped Back At This Body-Shaming Tweet

Twitter trolls, you really are on a roll lately.
Just days ago Ed Sheeran revealed he quit Twitter in response to mean, abusive comments. Now cyber-bullies are turning their attention to American Idol queen Kelly Clarkson.
"You're fat," one absolute charmer of a human being replied to get this an Independence Day tweet the singer had posted thanking the men and women fighting in our armed services. That show of patriotism must have really riled him up.
Clarkson, who is no stranger to vicious remarks from complete strangers, didn't crumble over the criticism. Instead, she delivered the perfect comeback.
"And still fucking awesome," she shot back at the troll, whose feed also takes aim at national treasure Chrissy Teigen. The nerve.
Fans of the "Because of You" singer were quick to jump in the comments with messages of support, prompting "Cliff Cherokee" to berate them for also being "fat."
"Asshole, she is fucking beautiful inside and out," one supporter tweeted.
"Why would you say that to her?" wrote another Clarkson fan. "That's so rude. If you don't like something she tweets then move on off her tweets."
"Reason #6223 why Kelly is queen," read another tweet.
"She's sexy as hell!" one commenter fired back. "I'm gay and Kelly makes me reconsider."
Then came the memes.
In short: Kelly Clarkson is awesome, bullies and body-shamers can beat it, and it's pretty easy to criticize someone else when you're hiding behind a laptop and a Ben Roethlisberger avatar. Just remember: If you go after our girl, you're going to get outrage, not likes.
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