Alec Baldwin's Back As President — But Not The One You Think

Photo: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic.
Celebrated impersonator Alec Baldwin is back as the leader of the free world, except this time around, he's not riffing on the current administration. Instead, to promote his One Night Only: Alec Baldwin special on Spike, the actor is swapping out his Trump wig for a powdered one. Rolling Stone reports that Baldwin is going all-out as George Washington, though his version isn't exactly in line with the honest, wholesome, cherry tree-chopping one that you remember from history class.
Consider the latest impression a mix of Baldwin's now-iconic Trump and a turned-up-to-100 George Washington.
"Hello, everyone. It's me, George Washington, who made America great the first time," Baldwin says in complete American Revolution regalia.
Then, the true mash-up portion of the impression begins. As George Washington 2.0, Baldwin mixes in a slew of Trump-inspired jabs, referencing everything from the president's leaked Access Hollywood tape to Trump's criticism of Baldwin's Saturday Night Live Trump skits.
"I come to you this Independence Day with a special message. First, you're welcome, for your amazing freedoms, all this tremendous democracy. I grabbed so much freedom from those British losers – when you're president, they let you do it," WashingBaldwin says.
Naturally, this new Washington is more about pumping up himself and his achievements than spreading the credit around to the other founding fathers. In this revisionist version of U.S. history, it seems as if Washington did it all by himself.
"I created this terrific, incredible country for everybody, even the haters and the losers like Alec Baldwin, so that he could have the freedom to insult the president," Baldwin says.
Expect more of this when One Night Only: Alec Baldwin hits the airwaves on July 9. Baldwin won't be alone. Kate McKinnon will be reprising her role as Hillary Clinton for the night, too. Bill Clinton, an actual president, is also set to make an appearance.
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