Anna Faris Knew Chris Pratt Was Going To Propose After Finding Jewelry In His Car

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images/Fashion Media.
There's no detail about Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's relationship that we don't eat right up, but what the actress revealed on the latest episode of her podcast, Unqualified, is particularly tasty. The couple, who were married back in 2009, were always open about their intentions to start a life with each other, but when it came to the proposal, that's something Pratt kept secret — or, so he thought. Turns out, Faris had figured it out seven months before the Jurassic World actor finally popped the question.
It didn't take a lot of work for Faris to deduce that a proposal was coming. "We had talked about getting married and were living together," she explained on the podcast. "One day I found a bag from a jeweler of the floor of his truck, so I knew something was coming."
Turns out, that something wouldn't come for another seven months, all the while Faris knew that at any moment Pratt could get down on one knee and change their lives. It wasn't until a family trip to Italy that the moment felt right.
"My whole family took all of us to Italy and apparently he lugged [the ring] all around Italy and held on to it for a couple months," she continued. "I think I knew for like, seven months, and so finally he asked me on my birthday."
While Faris may be an actress, she apparently wasn't good enough to fool Pratt.
"I confessed because he was like, 'You knew this was coming,'" she remembered.
Luckily, this clearly didn't ruin the romance of their relationship. They're still our favorite couple to gush over, especially after they welcomed their son Jack Pratt in 2012. If anything, this story just proves how perfectly they're matched.

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