Alex Rodriguez Knows He's Not As Famous As Girlfriend Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
Pictured: J-Rod head to the Met Ball after-party.
Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to dating famous women — he's had relationships with Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and, rumor has it, Madonna. Still, nothing really prepared him for the level of fame enjoyed by his current girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.
As Entertainment Tonight reports, the retired baseball star joked during last night's Tonight Show that being the singer and actress' plus-one has been "one of the most humbling experiences."
"When I was with the Yankees, and we won the world championship, and you wear the pinstripes, you think you're pretty cool," Rodriguez told host Jimmy Fallon. "But then, you hang out with Jennifer, and they confuse me with the security guard all the time!"
Not even the paparazzi is giving the Shark Tank star love these days.
"We were at the Met Ball, and the paparazzi were screaming at me, not even in English, 'Get the hell out of the way, get out of the way! We're trying to take a picture!'" he said.
Sorry, but no batting average is high enough to warrant blocking J.Lo's light. Step aside.
Bruised egos aside, J-Rod appear to be going from strength to strength. Despite having only been dating for a few months, they've been on vacation to the Dominican Republic together, have turned their four kids into close pals, and already have their own celebrity couple nickname.
And to think, it all began when Lopez saw A-Rod at a restaurant and decided to tap him on the shoulder to say hello. It's a love story built in the Bronx — just so long as Casanova remembers his place in the celebrity hierarchy, of course.
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