Cole Sprouse Found A Clip Of KJ Apa Acting With Ed Sheeran & It's The Ultimate #TBT

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The latest surprise cameo to come up from the annals of YouTube doesn't just involve today's best and brightest as up-and-coming stars (we see you, Dove Cameron and Justin Prentice), it has a dash of Ed Sheeran, too. Thanks to Cole Sprouse, a video of Ed Sheeran acting opposite of Riverdale's KJ Apa has surfaced and fans are being shook on two fronts.
While the world knows Sheeran for his heartfelt tunes, with his Game of Thrones cameo coming up and this new clip, it's clear that the multitalented troubadour has more than just a passing interest in acting, too.
Teen Vogue reports that in what appears to be an amazing take on the #tbt, Sprouse unearthed a clip from Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera that featured the Archie to his Jughead, Apa. The clip features his co-star and a babyfaced Sheeran, who managed to make an appearance on the show, if only for one episode in 2014.
According to Teen Vogue, "KJ played a character named Kane who appears to be fairly similar to Archie in that he’s an aspiring musician who has an affair with a teacher, is part of a murder scandal, and also plays sports."
So not much has changed in that department. And while the music on Riverdale is pretty sweet, the show hasn't managed to nab a bonafide chart-topper just yet. Plus, Apa has his natural hair color, not his flame-red Archie hair, so viewers may not recognize the star at all.
As for Sheeran, he played himself on Shortland Street, so it probably wasn't much of a stretch for him. Like a sort of musical muse, he appears out of nowhere to inspire Apa's character and then disappears just as quickly. All in all, he was onscreen for about 20 seconds.
Sprouse uploaded the short clip to his Instagram story, but thanks to intrepid Riverdale fans hungry for any and all things Apa-related, the YouTube clip has found new life and racking up a flood of new views. Check it out, below.
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