This Model Looks Like A Barbie & The Internet Can't Handle It

They should make a Barbie out of model Duckie Thot — except people probably wouldn't be able to tell it apart from the dolls that already exist. Thot looks so much like a life-size Barbie that the internet is having trouble wrapping its head around the fact that she's a real human being, Teen Vogue reports.
The uproar began when Thot posted a photo of herself to Twitter with the caption "Ducks after dark." In it, she's wearing a lacy black and gold outfit that actually matches her eyelids. Comments immediately began pouring in like "I won't believe she's real until I see her in person," "Are you even human?", "Serious question though...I thought she was a doll lol," and "What the hell — I thought this was a literal doll, your skin is literally glowing."
Yes, this is a photo of an actual person, but we can understand why people thought otherwise.
Since she gets these kinds of comments a lot, Thot had a sense of humor about the whole thing, telling her followers that this is what she looks like on a bad day.
Some people are calling for a Duckie Thot Barbie, and she seems on board with the idea.
The South Sudanese model first gained fame on Australia's Next Top Model, where she says she had to cornrow her own hair because the stylists didn't know how, Mashable reports. She told Teen Vogue one of her aspirations is to give Black women more representation in the modeling world so that things like this happen less often.
"It wasn’t easy for me growing up and not having any type of role model out in Australia," she said. "So my driving force is that hopefully — well, they don’t necessarily look to me — but that black women in general need to be out there the way that other women are. It needs to happen for 'us' already!"

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