Gigi Hadid Wears Head-To-Toe Millennial Pink

Trendy hues come and go, but millennial pink is here to stay and we wouldn't want it any other way. Even Kate Middleton, who typically sticks with classic looks, has recently been spotted rocking outfits in the color. Yesterday, Gigi Hadid took the style to the next level when she dressed head-to-toe in millennial pink.
Hadid wore a metallic pink pantsuit to the official launch party for her new collaboration with Vogue Eyewear. Sure, the look may be a little over the top: But if loving it is wrong, we don't want to be right. (Plus, it doesn't hurt that Hadid can effortlessly pull off any style her heart desires.)
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But wait, there's more! Hadid's look may have been a #throwback nod to Lizzie McGuire. It closely resembled a metallic blue outfit that Lizzie donned for her big debut as an Italian pop star in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Of course, the look required some updates because trends have changed a bit since 2003.
Lizzie's outfit consisted of a bedazzled top with a cutout to show off her bellybutton and a pair of seriously flared matching pants. Hadid opted for a leather jacket in millennial pink, complete with a long fringe and silver hardware. But those high-waisted leather pants? They definitely bear an uncanny resemblance to Lizzie's 2003 get-up.
Did Hadid mean to pay homage to Lizzie Maguire or was it a total coincidence? This remains an unsolved mystery, but her sister was quick to point out the resemblance. When Gigi posted a photo of her outfit to Instagram, Bella commented: "GIGI YOU ARE LIZZIE MCGUIRE FINALLY WE DREAMT OF THIS MOMENT (or maybe only I did) HOLT [sic] SH*T YESSSSS @GIGIHADID U R LIFEEEEE."
It appears that Bella is super excited about this millennial pink moment in history, and we're totally on board.

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