Ed Sheeran Is Staying Out Of The Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Drama

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Part of the territory of being a celebrity best friend is that you might get roped into their drama. Ed Sheeran took a firm stance against that in his recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.
The singer is known to be good friends with Taylor Swift. The two have already collaborated on a song: "Everything Has Changed," featured on Swift's 2012 album, Red. More recently, Sheeran accidentally spoke about a possible second collaboration on Swift's next album.
And because of this close proximity and the recent updates to the Katy Perry-Taylor Swift battle, EW asked Sheeran what he thought about it.
"I’ve learned one thing from this industry and it’s to stay away from drama," Sheeran replied. This is genuinely good advice for any walk of life, but it's particularly important when any drama will be in the press before you can finish the sentence.
He went on to say that he'll support his friends privately, but prefers to "stay away from it publicly."
Despite that, he admits that he doesn't know enough about the feud to even comment properly, anyway. The three year long battle between the pop stars has enough twists and turns to confuse even the most dedicated of fans. Not to mention, Sheeran has been on a cell phone hiatus for quite some time. He got rid of the device in 2016 when he went on a break and still avoids it whenever possible.
Even if he isn't too sure what's going on, Sheeran says he's "always available to be supportive when it’s needed." So, just because he won't make a public announcement of support for Swift or Perry, doesn't mean he'll just ignore the subject. Seems like Sheeran's the perfect friend for a high-profile celebrity like Taylor Swift.
Maybe we'll catch him at Taylor Swift's upcoming Fourth of July party!
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