We Wore "Vagina Lipstick" — & It Made Everyone Uncomfortable

In the House of Representatives, saying the word 'vagina' is akin to muttering 'bomb' in an airport — enough to get you kicked out real fast. In our offices, it's enough to make a whole bunch of otherwise funny, outgoing, body-positive feminists take a hard pass on participating in a story that involves them studying the shade of theirs, then announcing it to the world on their lips.
But because apparently there are no limits as to how far — and past how many folds — some of us will go to find the elusive ~perfect lipstick~, we find ourselves here, at the labia minora, after getting mixed results with our nipples.
As it turns out, there are quite a few different shades down there (determining where there actually is proved tricky for a bunch of people without MDs) — and they're all really, really pretty! Now, someone go let Mike Pence know he doesn't need to be so afraid.

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