Don't Be Fooled, Kris Jenner REALLY Disapproved Of Kim's Sex Tape Leak

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic.
No matter how hard the world tries to move forward into a future rid of sex tape and nude photo leaks online, where cyber security laws triumph over hackers and jilted lovers, it seems Kimberly Kardashian’s infamous sex tape will never be left behind.
Despite the tape leaking around 2006 — an era in which we still actually had VCRs for said “tape” — it’s remained a constant hot topic for the Kardashian family. And Kris Jenner has had enough.
The one question that seem to grip firmly around the minds of both Kardashian haters and fans is: Did Kris Jenner plan the leak? In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast Jenner, the family’s matriarch and manager, set the record straight. She described claims that she conspired to use her daughter’s misfortune as a publicity tool “nonsense” and said, "You know, haters are gonna hate."
She continued, “People are gonna come up with the most ridiculous things." She also described the incident as being a “devastating" period for her and the entire family. “[It was] one of the most horrific things that we, as a family, went through," she said.
In the interview, Jenner spoke a great deal about her family and what it’s like being filmed so much for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
"I think it's definitely a positive," she said. "I think we show a family that loves each other desperately and that will do anything for one another and do anything for the people that we love. We do a lot for our community and for complete strangers and for people around the world. And I think that should be an inspiration, encouraging other people to get up and get to work." She continued, "I see myself as someone who is definitely shouting from the rooftops that women can go out and be and do anything they want, and I think that's exciting."
Here's hoping that future is also free of online bullying.

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