This Hair-Color Inspiration Is Going Viral For The Best Reason

A picture is worth a thousand dollars spent on emergency color corrections, which is why it’s always good practice to bring an inspiration photo to a hair appointment. Beachy waves and caramel highlights may sound like a straightforward request, but why use the same paparazzi shot of Chrissy Teigen that everyone’s been using for reference for the past three years when there are so many sources of equally gorgeous sun-kissed hair color inspiration out there?
If summer hygge hair is on your wishlist, give these fresh, unexpected looks a try — the only thing you’ll love more than the dimensional color and tousled layers is the model who’s wearing them. He’s a dog.
Kerbie Gibbs, a 21-year-old student at Marshall University in West Virginia, shared a close-up shot of her puppy’s ear to Twitter, and dog lovers and beauty enthusiasts alike just can’t get enough. The post has since been retweeted over 173,000 times, but the best part isn’t how much love and attention Gibbs’ dog is getting. (He’s an adorable puppy, so he’s probably used to it.) It’s that other users have responded to the original tweet with photos of their own personal hair-color muses:
Even once all the potential hair-color inspiration ran out, they continued posting pictures of their beautiful, beloved canine friends. But with all that newfound recognition, there was just one thing Gibbs felt she needed to clarify before she could let her pup fully enjoy the well-deserved internet fame:
Point taken... and that side-eye is epic.

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