The Transformative Power Of A Haircut, As Told By A Dog

It’s possible for a new hairstyle to be so transformative, you feel like a different person entirely as soon as you step out of the salon. If that’s something you’ve experienced firsthand — for better or for worse — then you can probably sympathize with the Siberian husky whose dramatic haircut is currently going viral. And sympathy is exactly what he or she needs, considering how disappointed they look with their closely-shaved ‘do.
“If you've never seen a husky with absolutely no body hair then here you go,” Twitter user OmonaKami wrote alongside the startling picture, where the dog is entirely bald except for their fluffy face and equally fluffy tail. “Enjoy.” A very appropriate caption, considering most people have not, in fact, ever seen a husky with absolutely no body hair. (It turns out that they have surprisingly slender frames under all that lustrous fur — who knew?)
Not to be a buzzkill, but we do sincerely hope that this pupper was only shaved for necessary medical emergencies, like a surgery, not because their owner assumed a haircut would help them stay cool this summer. It’s a common (and dangerous) misconception that dogs’ fur can cause them to overheat when the temperatures rise, but a husky’s coat doesn’t act like an insulated winter parka. In fact, it actually helps them maintain a healthy body temperature no matter the season, and guards them against UV rays. So when you take off their coat, you take away their built-in sun protection, too.
Granted, we have no way of knowing whether this particular husky got the big chop for a legit medical reason or just at the hands of a misinformed owner or groomer. But either way, we hope someone has told them what we always remind ourselves when we get a haircut that’s just a tad too short: It always grows back. In the meantime, may we recommend the only FDA-approved doggy sunscreen?

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