When The NYC Subway Banned Dogs, People Got So Creative

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
If there's anything New Yorkers are known for, it's being persistent in the face of obstacles. Nothing will get in our way; not mean-spirited bosses, trash-talking roommates, or the damn MTA.
Certainly not the damn MTA. When a new NYC transit rule went into effect back in October 2016 prohibiting animals on the subway, unless they're service dogs or working for law-enforcement agencies, people didn't just accept it and move on. Oh, no.
The new rule states: "[N]o person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers."
So NYC dog owners followed the rule — to a tee. (And, of course, all the moments were captured on Twitter.) "Enclosed in a container"? No problem! An Ikea Frakta bag is a container. And no one ever specified that the dog's legs have to be inside this container.
An L.L. Bean-style tote is a container...and even a Husky does a great job of fitting into one.
"This is how we roll."
This loophole has even inspired camaraderie among those who want to stick it to the MTA (which is, let's admit it, everybody).
Oh, hey there. Just another dog in a bag.
It's one way to get someone to give up their seat on the subway!
Let this be a lesson to you, bureaucratic establishment: You can't keep New Yorkers from doing their thing.

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