If This Cheap Flight To Paris Doesn't Interest You, We Don't Know What Will

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If you're feeling particularly wanderlust-y these days, you're not alone. In the summer, it's all too easy to succumb to that thing they call FOMO: You're scrolling through Instagram, looking at all the photos of your friends adventuring in Iceland, or on pool floaties somewhere tropical, or sitting in Paris cafés. What about me?! you think while you order yet another sad desk lunch.
What about you, indeed. We're here to say it's not too late to book your big getaway — and we have all the flight deals to prove it. For one thing, there's a $441 roundtrip to Paris right now on American Airlines, according to The Flight Deal. (This includes all taxes, btw.)
While the good fares are mostly for late fall, it means you'll have plenty of time to plan and research cute Airbnbs with little balconies on which to sit and people-watch and enjoy wine and cheese. Check out The Flight Deal for more details, but be aware that this deal could be gone as soon as tomorrow.
But if Paris isn't your cup of coffee (who are you?!), there are quite a few other flight deals we're excited about. Those looking to travel to China are in luck right now; there are two amazing offers. You can grab a Chicago-to-Beijing roundtrip on United for late summer and spend just $528 (including all taxes); follow the directions here. There's a steal of a fare from Boston to Shanghai, too: $457 on Air Canada.
A couple more trips that have caught our eye recently are both to tranquil, tropical Maui, Hawaii. This fall, you can fly from Newark, New Jersey, to Maui and back for just $610 if you book your ticket ASAP. If you're on the West Coast, there are flights available from LAX for $467. All of these deals will take a bit of clicking around to nab, and will undoubtedly expire soon — but it's worth it for your dream trip. Plus, for a few days, you'll get to forget about sad desk lunches and the steady pinging of email alerts.

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