Do You Like The Beyoncé Twins' Rumored Names? Twitter Doesn't

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I am not a mother, but I can already tell you what the hardest part of being a new mom will be for me: choosing a name for my child. I had an early similar experience with choosing a proper, perfect name when I got a puppy in elementary school. I went back and forth on names until my parents just told me what the name of my dog would be: Bailey. Bailey Baila — I loved it because it was a take on my own name without literally being my name. (Never name a dog Morgan because that is weird and bad.)
While everything surrounding the birth of Bey and Jay's twins is a little unclear, we do know that she definitely gave birth... this month (most reports say June 17). And that the kids probably, most likely have names at this point. According to reports, the two superstars decided to name their twins Shawn and Bea. Shawn Jr., after Shawn Corey Carter, Jay's birth name, and Bea, a reference to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter's nickname. So, let's do a quick potential role call: Jay, Bey, Blue, Shawn, and Bea.
Now, these reports may in no way be reflective of the actual names chosen by the parents, but let's just say they are. I think it's brilliant, because I would, and have done, the same thing. (Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith did something similar, too. Willow is a take on Will, and Jaden is a take on Jada.) It's a legacy thing, y'all.
Twitter, however, is not so into the names.
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