Star Trek's Sonequa Martin-Green Responds To Racist Accusations That The Show Promotes "White Genocide"

Photo: Dalia Naber/CBS
For the majority of Star Trek fans, a diverse cast on the brand-new iteration of the franchise on CBS All Access is something to celebrate. Unfortunately, a group of vocal, terrible people are so up in arms about the fact that Sonequa Martin-Green, a Black woman, is leading the Star Trek: Discovery cast, they're accusing the show of perpetuating "white genocide." The trolls might have some disgusting things to say about the new series, but they're no match for Martin-Green, who responded to the backlash with a reminder about what Star Trek has been about since its conception.
Star Trek has always had a racially diverse cast, so it's a little weird that fans are just now coming out of the woodwork to say they have a problem with a Black lead. (Hmm, maybe they're the fake fans who don't really "get" Star Trek?) Of course, racists tends to use any opportunity to excuse their racism, and in this case, it seems that their fight against "political correctness" is what they're going with today.
When asked about the haters by Entertainment Weekly, Martin-Green reminded racist fans of exactly what Star Trek is about.
"I would encourage [those fans] to key into the essence and spirit of Star Trek that has made it the legacy it is — and that’s looking across the way to the person sitting in front of you and realizing you are the same, that they are not separate from you, and we are all one," the actress told the outlet. "That’s something Star Trek has always upheld and I completely believe that is why it’s been a mainstay in society in the hearts of so many people for so many decades. I would encourage them to look past their opinions and social conditioning and key into what we’re doing here — which is telling a story about humanity that will hopefully bring us all together."
Let's be honest, though: does Star Trek really need to hold onto fans who spew the words "white genocide" whenever a white man isn't the lead of a science fiction series? Eh, probably not. Still, major points for Martin-Green for schooling these racists in what's actually important — they'll probably never get it, but fortunately, enough fans do.

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