So This Is What You Should Do If Your Lipstick Breaks

Here's a sad fact of life: We will all, at one point or another, suffer from the death of a lipstick. Just when we think we've found the exact shade for our skin tone, the stick will break off, the lid will get loose and paint the insides of our purse, or the lipstick will melt when we accidentally leave them in the car.
While it might be quicker to run to the drugstore and replace your beloved product, it's not always convenient. (Even more so if the product is limited-edition or only available at select retailers.) So what else can you do? One Reddit user found the perfect solution: Put the pigment in a de-potted makeup compact.
Artemis11 shared her hack with Makeup Addiction sub-Reddit. She took an old Marc Jacobs lipstick and placed it in an empty Anastasia Beverly Hills pressed powder container — and it is brilliant. "Old ABH powder is now my mini lip palette in my purse," she captioned the post. In addition to being more secure, the powder container comes with a huge mirror, making for optimal application.
This might not be the best hack for a brand-new lipstick, but it's particularly ideal for those broken lipsticks at the bottom of our makeup bag. Even better: You can even blend multiple colors together to create your own perfect shade. We'll never mourn the death of an old lipstick again.
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