Bindi Irwin Says Chandler Powell Is A Light In Her Life

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
Bindi Irwin constantly shares the sweetest things about her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, on social media. But Irwin just might have all the other ones beaten with this new Instagram post.
Irwin and Powell spend most of the year in a long distance relationship. While long distance, to some of us, is a state or two over, these two have roughly 10,500 miles in between them. Powell attends the University of Central Florida. Irwin lives in Australia, where her family owns a wildlife zoo called Australia Zoo. All these mushy Instagram posts might be inexcusable if the couple lived near each other, but because of the distance we'll make an exception. There are so few ways to make someone feel loved when there's an ocean between you!
Now that it's summer (or, I guess, winter in Australia) Powell and Irwin are together at last! She celebrated him with this gorgeous photo of him in the sunset.
"Thank you for being such a light in my life," Irwin wrote. "You are there for me during the challenging times and the beautiful moments. I love your kindness, your patience and your strength."
She hash-tagged "Forever my sunshine," her nickname for Powell. In previous posts, she's referred to him as sunshine, once even calling him "living sunshine." I love a good theme.
Fans are possibly more in love with Bindler, my new nickname for the pair, than Bindler is with each other. The comments underneath her Instagram post all say things like "Get married!" and "You guys give me hope."
Hopefully this summer lasts forever. Irwin's post saying good-bye to Powell as he returned to Florida last December was too adorable to handle. "Dropping you off at the airport and waving goodbye, it never gets easier," Irwin said.
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