The Pretty Little Liars Finale Script Reveals Alison & Spencer Have A Major Surprise

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With the June 27 series finale fast approaching, we'll take all the Pretty Little Liars spoilers we can get. While the cast and creators have teased things like a potential spin-off (possibly with Emison as its leads?!?) and "HBO-level" sex scenes in the finale, we don't have to speculate about at least one upcoming PLL moment. Entertainment Weekly has just dropped a page from the series finale script, and it features some intriguing interactions — while also teasing one major surprise to come.
Curious? While you can read the entire page of the script over at EW, here's the SparkNotes version. The scene starts at the Lost Woods Resort, which has been given the Radley Sanitarium treatment. Gone are the days of the Lost Woods rivaling the Bates Motel: The resort has since been given a makeover, thanks to Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) handiwork. According to the description, Mary (Andrea Parker) gifted the girls the Lost Woods Resort in the penultimate episode (airing on Freeform tonight!), but they have since taken care to restore it to its formerly glam aesthetic.
"She's the designer and decorator," Alison tells Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) of Spencer's work at the Lost Woods Resort. "I give all the credit to her."
Considering just how much time it would take to do a renovation, I think it's fair to say that this scene takes place after the promised one-year time jump.
"So, what's this surprise?," Aria asks Alison.
"Wait for it," the former Rosewood High queen bee tells her friend. And that's exactly what fans will have to do as well, as the script cuts off after that. (So cruel, PLL!)
I have plenty of questions about this scene, but it's nice to see that Alison and Spencer are getting along. They are cousins, after all. And even though they had a bit of a tumultuous friendship, it looks like they're now closer than ever thanks to Mary's gift. Of course, if this isn't Spencer, but Spencer's secret identical twin...well, I have no idea what to think.
Guess we'll have to wait until the series finale airs on Freeform to get all of our questions answered. At least we know there are plenty more surprises in store...

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