Meet Eiza González, The Baby Driver Criminal Who Will Be Your New Obsession

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
It's time you get to know Eiza González. The Mexican actress got her start in telenovelas, and you'll see her in the upcoming summer blockbuster Baby Driver, in theaters June 28. In the movie, which has generated an alarming amount of advance press — as in, must-see-ASAP alarming — González plays a bank robber named Darling.
In the trailer, she can be seen alternately popping her chewing gum and brandishing two machine guns. That is to say: She plays a badass, and the sole woman agent in a dude-filled action flick.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, González explained that it was the lone woman quality that drew her to the role. "Darling jumped out to me because of the psychology behind being the only female bank robber. She is equally as strong and driven and unafraid as everyone else," she divulged.
The movie has been hawked as an "action musical," though the characters don't break into song. Ansel Elgort stars as Baby, a getaway driver who, due to a case of tinnitus, must constantly listen to music. As a result, the soundtrack is an integral part of the film. González said this aspect made the project memorable, adding, "[The script] came with a playlist and you had to play it while reading the script. The music becomes a character of the movie."
If the gum-chewing "space cadet" Darling doesn't make you fall in love with González, she has plenty more high-profile projects lined up. She's wrapped production on Alita: Battle Angel, a sci-fi action film starring Jennifer Connolly, and she will soon begin work on a movie helmed by Robert Zemeckis. (That movie will also star Janelle Monae, who blesses every work that she touches with pure perfection.)
As for how she goes about crafting her career, González is all about strong women: "I'm really drawn to strong female characters. My mom was that for me, raising her children by herself. To me, that's all I've seen my whole life in my family: very strong women."
Read the full profile on González at The Hollywood Reporter.
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