This Instagram Star's Apartment Is The Stuff Unicorn Dreams Are Made Of

Photo: Via @studiomucci.
Perhaps you’ve stumbled on real-life unicorn woman, Amina Mucciolo’s Instagram, during a late night scroll. Or, maybe you’ve seen her in Modcloth’s swim '16 campaign, decked out in her signature colorful braids. Either way you can't look away from such happiness.
For anyone insistent on living their most colorful life, Mucciolo’s rainbow-hued high-definition aesthetic is an inspiration to all. And this week, she gave fans a glimpse into one of her most colorful, intimate creations yet: her bedroom.
In a recent video shared on YouTube, the “unicorn, artist, and entrepreneur” documented her bedroom’s transition from a fairly typical, slightly drab everyday space, to a virtual wonderland that pretty much looks like it came from a dream. A beautifully candy-colored rainbow dream, to be more specific.