Are You Up For This Wonder Woman-Inspired Challenge?

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
The world is more than a little obsessed with Wonder Woman. So far the new film, which hit theaters on June 2, is the most critically-acclaimed of the DC Comics Universe, and fans can't get enough of the strong, kind, and determined Diana. Portrayed by rising star Gal Gadot, Diana — a.k.a. Wonder Woman — isn't here to simply destroy her enemies or thwart injustice by wreaking havoc. (Cough, cough, Superman.) Instead, she's here to promote peace — and if that means she has to whip her sword out in the middle of a fancy party, so be it. In fact, it's that moment in the film that people are now recreating with a brand-new viral challenge. Are you up for it?
The new viral challenge is called "Wonder Woman Got Your Back" (#WWGotYourBack on Twitter), and it's all about creating one's own version of that now-iconic scene. In the film, Diana goes to a party with German officials in order to destroy the man she believes is secretly Aries, the God of War. Unbeknownst to the party goers, Diana's gown is hiding a weapon. She has tucked her sword into the back of her dress in order to pull it out when she gets close enough to her man. Now, people on Twitter are sharing their own versions of Wonder Woman's "dress hack."
Of course, not everyone has a sword on hand in order to execute this trick. Sometimes you have to improvise... like with a plastic golf club.
Wonder Woman is clearly making an impact, and it's great to see the revamped D.C. Universe's first film with a female lead getting so much love. Just be careful with those swords, kids — and stick to toy weapons only.

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