A Dad Interviewed His Daughter On Every First Day Of School & The Video Will Give You Feels

Each year, May through June, we mark the coming of summer with the most traditional coming of age traditions: graduation. Whether you’re a parent or simply someone with faint high school memories, ’tis the season for inspiring commencement speeches, wishing the young graduates in your life well (with a cash gift), and digging up that Baz Luhrmann song. Though, for one father and daughter, it marks the end of a heartfelt tradition.
For 12 years, Kevin Scruggs interviewed his daughter, Mackenzie, on the first day of school. In the beginning, we see a spritely 6-year-old in the early aughts whose smile cannot be contained.
As viewers watch the three-plus minute video, it becomes clear that what we’re witnessing is the passage of time seen through both a parent and child’s eyes, as she slowly transforms into an adult. We’re also catching a glimpse into the tight bond between a father and daughter. It’s hard not to tear up, particularly on the heels of Father’s Day. “What are you excited most about?” says Scruggs to his daughter in each video.
In the fourth grade, little Mackenzie wasn’t too thrilled about receiving homework. However, in the tenth grade, she was stoked for football games, all of which was shared with the familiar, blatantly nonchalant tone of a teen. “And what was the thing you were doing today...what were you looking for?” dad asked. Mackenzie cupped her hand to her mouth and whispered, what most of us already know: “Cute boys.” Duh, dad.
In the final video, a now adult Mackenzie sits on a bright sofa and shares that she’s looking forward to two things her senior year: graduation and prom. Of course! Watch below.

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