Salma Hayek Is Selling A Beauty Product You'd NEVER Expect

Photo: CJ Rivera/FilmMagic.
'Triple threat' doesn't even begin to describe powerhouse Salma Hayek. Not only has the actress-slash-director-slash-entrepreneur played her share of unlikely roles throughout her 25-year career — like the devoted lesbian taco in Sausage Party, for example, or the soft-spoken kitten in Puss In Boots — she's added yet another unexpected gig to her repertoire: co-creator of Juice Generation's brand-new subscription service, Blend It Yourself (or BIY, for short.)
Think of it as the Blue Apron for smoothies and face masks: Juice Generation sources, preps, and sends out the exact portion of ingredients you need to whip up the DIY recipe. (Blender, unfortunately, is not included.) Joining the existing three Acai bowls and 12 smoothies, you'll now be able to pre-order three different "beauty blends" — all of which you can slather on your face or guzzle down — your choice — starting today on the brand's website. So if you want your face to smell like fresh papaya avocado, watermelon hibiscus, and aloe greens, this is your time.
Of course, this collection doesn't come without merit. Hayek has been in the beauty industry since 2011 — that's when she launched her highly successful CVS-exclusive collection, Nuance — so it's safe to say she knows her shit. Though this line, it seems, hits a little closer to home for the star.
"I've been using these recipes myself for years — mostly at home, slathering on DIY face masks with my daughter, or serving up smoothies to friends," Hayek shared in a press release, "and have truly come to believe that beauty is born when we nourish our bodies with ingredients found in nature. I'm so excited to spread my love and knowledge for these blends."
Whether you're into superfoods or smoothies is sort of irrelevant here, though, because let's be honest: We'll try just about anything that promises us Salma Hayek skin.

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