Katy Perry Had A Cook-Off With Gordon Ramsay

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Katy Perry's Witness World Wide just keeps on giving. During the singer's weekend-long livestream, she didn't just offer up music and dancing, she went all-out lifestyle brand and incorporated some food in the mix, too. During one segment, Perry teamed up with Gordon Ramsay for an unexpected cooking competition involving some very of-the-moment ingredients: zucchini noodles and quinoa.
Caftan-clad Perry is a noted foodie, though she's not immune to the charm of Ramsay's accent and exotic pronunciations. The twist? While it's a classic follow-along cook-off, Perry and Ramsay are divided with a folding screen. It's an effort to be a witness, she says, without actually witnessing what's happening on the other side of the screen.
"Is this a competition?" she asks as she mixes up the meatball ingredients.
While Ramsay says that it's just lunch, the frenzied pace and side-by-side cooking are definitely the marks of a competition...and Perry has trouble keeping up with the superstar chef.
Ramsay does hop to Perry's aid when her mini-stove starts to act up (she retreats in a panic, basically proving that this livestream was 100% legit), but aside from that moment, Perry really is on her own.
"I'm a pop star, you're a chef," Perry says when she's back in action. "Stay in your lane."
After a few jumps (the livestream's replay vids are edited for time) Perry plates her zoodles and balls alongside Ramsay's. And for a professional pop star/amateur chef, the side-by-side finished product is pretty impressive.
While Perry's dish may lack the finesse of a pro's, Ramsay's words of encouragement — there isn't one snide remark or cruel, heart-shattering insult at all — seem to give her a boost of confidence. Of course, Perry's "Bon Appétit" plays as the two taste each other's culinary masterpieces.
During their taste tests, Ramsay's reaction is actually pretty sweet. he's only got one critique, so either the notoriously crass chef is softening up or Perry's got a sous chef side-gig at the ready.
Check out the video below.
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