The Former Mexican President Has More Harsh Words For Trump

Photo: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic.
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has not shied away from telling President Trump what's really on his mind. Ever since Trump proposed the U.S. build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and suggested our southern neighbor pay for it, Fox has bashed the plan and called on Americans to condemn Trump's racist descriptions of Mexicans (you know, like calling them rapists and criminals). Now, the former Mexican leader has a clear message for the U.S. president: "Mexico will not pay for the fucken [sic] wall."
In a Super Deluxe video, Fox speaks openly and candidly to Trump. "Halo, Donald," he begins. "It is me, Vicente, coming to you from Mexico, where the best taco bowls are made."
Fox is mocking a photo Trump posted for Cinco de Mayo last year, where the then-presidential candidate posed with a Trump Tower Grill taco bowl, giving a thumb's up. In the video, Fox has his own taco bowl in front of him, saying, "Actually, these are shit. They are not even Mexican. Why is the bowl made out of tortilla? Just eat a fucken [sic] taco."
Throughout the video, Fox roasts Trump hard, referring to him as "the current president of the Electoral College of the United States."
The focus, though, is the proposed wall. "Donald, under no circumstances will we pay for this stupid, useless, racist monument," Fox says. For one, he points out, it's incredibly easy to circumvent a wall.
"You're going to build a $25 billion wall that can be defeated by a $25 ladder?" he quips. "Be honest, Donald, this wall isn't going to stop anyone who really wants to cross the border. It is just going to make your country weaker, and poorer, and less respected by the rest of the world."
Fox has a few suggestions for what that elusive $25 billion should go toward, including providing clean drinking water to the whole planet for three years. "Isn't that a better legacy than a pointless wall of hate?" he asks Trump.
Since Trump doesn't seem like "a water guy" based on his Diet Coke habit, Fox has other ideas too: The money could end world hunger for a year, hire 50,000 teachers for a decade, or pay for 250,000 students' college educations.
He then pulls out a photo of Trump as a kid, saying, "Donald, instead of building a wall, build a bridge across the oceans of time, and walk back across it to find this small boy."
To really drive home how much he dislikes the U.S. president, he ends the video with one final jab: "I have a busy day of not being hated by the vast majority of my country."

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