Parents Are Loving Kristen Bell's Brilliant Safety Hack

Kristen Bell has given us much to be thankful for. Her hilarious performance on The Good Place and her beautiful vocals as Anna in Frozen, to name a couple. "Love Is An Open Door" always manages to get stuck in my head for days on end and I can't even complain. Girl can sing. Recently, though, moms everywhere are thanking Bell for another reason — a genius traffic safety hack.
As a career woman and mother of two little girls, ages 2 and 3, Bell revealed she has a few tricks up her sleeve for keeping her daughters safe. Of course, parenting is no easy feat. The saying "It takes a village" is not an exaggeration. So when Bell shared an easy little parenting hack with all her Instagram followers, the response was overhwleming. Who wouldn't want Kristen Bell in their village?
"Hands on the circle!" Bell wrote in the caption. "The phrase we say as we jump out of the car."
When exiting the car, whether in a parking lot or a busy street, the kids put their hands on the circular gas cap. That way, everyone is accounted for and no one is in danger of wandering off. Bell has them wait with their hands on the gas cap while she unloads the trunk, putting them perfectly in her sight line. Not to mention it's also a way for the toddlers to get acquainted with shapes. Bell's simple and efficient hack became an instant hit with her followers.
Comments on Bell's photo are filled with compliments like "Great idea!" and "That's brilliant!" And because Bell just created her own mommy village with one Instagram post, many parents have added their own safety hacks. One user suggests just saying "hand on the car" in case you're on the wrong side for the gas cap. Another links to a stick-on circle made just for this reason.
All the support and creativity flying around Bell's makeshift village of moms has me missing my own. Have you called your mother recently?
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