Did You Catch This Amazing Poussey Moment On OITNB?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: spoilers for Orange Is The New Black season 5 ahead.
Fans of Samira Wiley have enjoyed seeing the actress in her new role on The Handmaid's Tale, considering the fact that her beloved character Poussey was brutally killed off at the end of Orange Is The New Black season 4. But Wiley's turn as Moira on The Handmaid's Tale hasn't done much to stem the grief of OITNB fans who know she won't be appearing on season 5 of the Netflix series, which dropped today. Or will she?
Viewers are in for a tiny treat midway through the new season. In the last few minutes of episode 6, Taystee has a flashback to when she met Poussey for the first time. It's a sweet, touching scene that may well bring tears to your eyes. In the flashback, Taystee is sitting in the prison library while Poussey is behind a shelf, overhearing two white girls babbling about weight loss (and toting copies of Eat, Pray, Love, of course). Once the inmates leave, the pair start mocking their superficial small talk, pretending to be uppity white women named McKenzie and Amanda. ("You would die for their artisanal sodas!") After Poussey comes out from behind the shelves, she and Taystee introduce themselves, and we find out it's Taystee's second day at Litchfield.
It's an important moment to the series, the beginning of its beautiful and complicated friendship, one that provided so much emotional richness — and, of course, hilarious moments. And it makes us miss Poussey more than ever.
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