Lush Is Bringing Back Shark Soap For The Best Reason

Today is World Oceans Day, and Lush wants to make sure you know about it. That's why the brand is re-launching one of its most popular soaps — which just happens to be inspired by the sea. Even better, the Lush Shark Fin Soap is officially back in stock for one very legitimate reason.
First, a history lesson: The soap first launched back in 2014, and fans loved it. While it was originally created for the launch of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week series, it was then was re-released in the summer of 2015 for the Save the Sharks Campaign. Now, it’s coming back again for a limited time to raise awareness for World Oceans Day and show support to Rob Stewart. No, not Rod Stewart, but Rob, the environmentalist and filmmaker behind the upcoming movie Sharkwater: Extinction and foundation that funds ocean conservation and puts the spotlight on shark endangerment. The product will be available until Lush reaches its funding goal of $250,000.
This isn’t the first time Lush has backed environmental or animal cruelty initiatives, either. Lush has partnered with Darwin Animal Doctors, sells its famous Charity Pot (the body and hand lotion that has raised over $24 million with all proceeds going to grassroots organizations), and boasts a whole page on its brand site showcasing charities and organizations looking to shed light on global issues like exposing animal cruelty, the real problem with plastic waste, and Fin Free.
Luckily for fans, the Shark Fin Soap is formulated with the same ingredients as before: seaweed, sea salt, and lime oil (and yes, that paper shark fin is on every single one). To learn more about where your proceeds for the soap are going and how to get one yourself, head to Lush’s site ASAP — because we know, and hope, we’ll blow Lush's goal out of the water.
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